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Curriculum Kits

Curriculum Kits

Teaching Tots rolled-out curriculum is for parents, caregivers and nannies to teach educational children’s programs for toddlers and preschoolers that is all compiled into step-by-step program. Monthly curriculum kits are for toddlers and preschoolers educational learning to gain a solid foundation for their educational upbringing.

  • Full Day Schedule for parents, caregiver and nannies to teach an educational children’s program with step by step instructions.
  • Monthly calendar that identifies the topic activity and fundamental for preschool learning
  • 20 Topic Activities for educational learning
  • Includes 1 year of online access to a 20 minute workout exercise program with Tiny Tots on the Move
  • Worksheets to further fine motor skills with hand-eye coordination, thinking and memory for preschool learning
  • Award system aims to help children make more rational decision in their everyday lives for learning preschoolers and toddlers
  • Sticker Album creates happy children that become confident in preschool learning
  • Fundamental games enhance toddlers and preschoolers developmental skills in balance, large motor, understanding concepts and prediction outcomes
  • Fundamental Extras give toddlers and preschoolers a variety of different ways in preschool learning
  • Explanation on everything that is labelled on a schedule for parents, caregivers and nannies
  • Step by step instructions with picture illustrations for educational teaching
  • Monthly rotation of fundamentals for preschool lesson curriculum kit “refer to Yearly Agenda”
  • Printer friendly calendar, activities, worksheets, Award board, sticker album
  • User friendly educational children’s monthly curriculum kits

Overall Curriculum Kit

Overall Curriculum Kit

Teaching Tots’ Rolled-out Curriculum is a program developed from many years of teaching tots.  Teaching Tots has many years of experience in the field of successful toddlers and preschoolers. Teaching Tots’ main focus is the preparation of toddlers and preschoolers for elementary school. 

The program illustrates many activities that are inclined towards four fundamentals, and towards a monthly topic related to one area of learning.
Along with many activities is a reward program with sticker album that helps to motivate the toddlers and preschoolers to achieve well in all their activities. 
Give your Tots a great incentive of achievement!

To balance each day of the Tots’ program, Teaching Tots gives your toddlers and preschoolers a different 20 minute exercise regimen for each weekday.  Healthy lifestyles help build successful children, and instil habits that will keep them active for a lifetime.

The many activity components included in the Teaching Tots Rolled-out Curriculum will make a huge impact on any toddler or preschooler.   The components build a foundation for success, with powerful results: just for example, confidence, intelligence, self-discipline, cooperation, coordination -  that are needed in their everyday life to succeed.

The Teaching Tots Curriculum is a downloadable PDF document - with no shipping!  

Patricia D. Cunningham, publisher and founder



My time at Teaching Tots

I worked at Teaching Tots during the summer of 2013.  It gave me great experience with getting familiar children.  I learned many great things from Patricia Cunningham who has many years of experience taking care of children.  I think Teaching Tots is an excellent daycare to place your child in!  The children there are truly well cared for and they enjoyed their time there.

                Before I started teaching Patricia’s Teaching Tots Rolled Out Curriculum, the hours in the days seemed to drag by slowly.  But, when I started teaching it, the time went by faster AND the children were learning which made it great.  In July, the kids learned about the alphabet and numbers.  They can count up to 20.  During story time, the kids were attentive.  At the end of each day, the children were awarded 3 stickers based on their behaviour that day.  The children all acted wonderful (well, as wonderful as toddlers can act) and they all got their stickers every day.

                During August, the children learned about shapes.  They were really interested in shapes and they learned a lot.  If i showed them a picture of a shape we had already learned, they would recognize it.  They had to do 3 things to remember the shape.  1. I had to draw it in chalk to make an impression.  2. They had to stick their shape in a notebook.  3. They had to complete worksheets tracing the shape we had learned that day.  They remembered the shapes very easily this way.  They were awarded for their work and behaviour. 

                I think the curriculum is wonderful.  I am certified to teach it and I recommend it because it was everything.  Exercise, learning, dancing, and mush more.  The kids can have fun while learning.  The kids at the daycare liked it.  It’s a smart program.

                I enjoyed working at Teaching Tots this summer.  It is an experience I world not trade for the world.  Teaching Tots is an excellent daycare.  Patricia is a great boss who’s fair.  I think I will get more involved in working and taking care of children because I truly did enjoy the job.

Florence Paul



My Teaching Experience

     Many parents with young children under the age of five are often busy working, or building their career.  When both parents are occupied with their job, they will have little to no time for their children.  This means children will not learn anything while parents are at work.   Therefore, parents should enrol their child into a daycare.  Teaching Tots is a great program for children, that involves being both productive and physically active.

     Teaching Tots is not like other day cares; it requires children to be active and productive throughout the entire day.  During the month of July, the children exercises are given games to play with their friends learn ABC’s and 123’s and play games such as ring around the rosy.  In August, the children learn about shapes as well as how to draw them.  Teaching Tots is an organized program that both children and parents will love.

     Patricia’s daycare, Teaching Tots, was a bit complicated, because I had no experience.  However, Patricia trained me well enough to handle the children on my own.  She showed me how to look after the children, and what to do if the Children are sick or hurt.  Teaching Tots was an experience for me, because I want to be an ECE and this gave me an insight I needed.

     My experience working with children at Teaching Tots was amazing!  Even though I had a bit of trouble in the beginning, I did learn a lot.  I would recommend Teaching Tots to any parent, who is looking for a place for their children to learn, play and be active.  Teaching Tots is affordable and children will find it enjoyable.

In conclusion, Teaching Tots is a wonderful daycare!  Parents will love how Patricia takes care of the kids, and how well she feeds them.  Children at Teaching Tots are always having fun as well as learning new things through the rolled-out curriculum.  I did not only learn how to take care of kids, I learned how to teach them as well through a program that is rolled out with a schedule.  Teaching Tots was a great experience for me.

By: Mariam Patel



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Every recipe tested in our "kitchen" --- every single piece of the Curriculum has been tested on, verified with and approved by real Tots.

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