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Discovery Kids

Dressing up is so fascinating for tots and playing as someone else becomes a new discovery for them.  Working with plasticine in becoming very creative helps tots become very creative in their discoveries.  Cooking in the kitchen and having tea parties and being able to serve your friends and knowing how to run the kitchen is quiet a discovery all on its own. The children and I were out shovelling and they found acorns and shrubs from trees with rocks and they thought they could try to make up A formula of crystals.  It's just amazing how they thrive off of each other and what they have to say about such little discoveries.
The children and I spent the morning cooking in the kitchen and to see what kind of meals we can come up with and as they did there were so please to pass me all these different kinds of meals that I could enjoy with them!  The children were very creative that day and quite excited about how they came up with their own menus!  Then we have little Miss Mermaid mirror set where the children are continuously looking at themselves. As they start to make all these funny faces because now they figured out that there are so many faces to make was quite a discovery.
Discoveries become miraculous for children; they thrive on so many different kinds of activities!  Each time there becomes a discovery they become quite amazed and the knowledge becomes much broader and the questions become much larger, not to mention the confidence becomes stronger as they move forward.  Whether it's working on the chalkboard or reading a book with a friend or discovering something in the kitchen or even building with a friend or when you find something that you've never seen before or simply just making a big train station all becomes great gain in confidence and self-esteem through play!
Dramatic play becomes exciting for children to act in costumes with others.  During the time of play with dressing up becomes a huge story line that they all end up playing together and they're all on a mission to go to the end of what they've discovered of what they just played. It's so fascinating to see the children act in different ways, for me just watching them becomes my own little discovery.
Discovering their achievements brings on great accomplishments.  Well making a Sea filled with sea creatures or chalk on chalkboards with your own picture of art down to drawing your whole entire body on a piece of paper.  Then putting it up on the wall to be the one to colour your own self or simply painting and coloring in a coloring book all become great discoveries.
When there's art projects to be done the new discoveries to understand by way of new activities with Art becomes excitement through the children as we work.  The best part when they make their turtles or their cars even the art scenes at the end they're able to play with it and knowing that they had done it all by themselves becomes a wonderful discovery.



Every recipe tested in our "kitchen" --- every single piece of the Curriculum has been tested on, verified with and approved by real Tots.

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