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Learning with one specific topic in one month increases the acquisition of new knowledge

It’s not about how easy or hard the daily topic is while teaching tots;  it’s all about how the caregivers and the children communicate with one another while learning.  Designed Activities is all about growing, by having a different active conversation each day on some little project or exercise plan.  The activities bring out a variety of skills from within each child.  Toddlers learn and have an absorbing experience with each activity performed.  For instance, in the month of March when it's "Time to Travel", there's a daily activity to learn how we cross a street at a crosswalk.  Tots start with obeying the traffic signs, then they move on to the development of making a "go" sign, a yield sign and a stop sign.  These are used while the Tots are "driving" in their cars which they built in an earlier day's activity.

Every month of the year has a completely new set of activities!  In one year you'll see well over 250 different activities for you and your Tots to experience -- at least 21 each month.  And many activities are related to the topic of the month.  For example, November's topic is "Who Made These Prints" (animals), and many of November's activities involve animals.



Some activites introduce new songs for the Tots to learn with movement. There are indoor games and outdoor games to enjoy with excitement.  Every monthly topic has a different design and a new colour scheme -- bright enough to draw your Tots' attention to enjoy a fun filled time.  Every day is interesting when you take the Tots to the corkboard to explore what’s next on our monthly calendar.

Each day's activity is posted on a Design Calendar.  With its attractive pictures behind the text, the Calendar will interest even those Tots who can't recognize letters yet.  When you all go to look at what is happening for today’s activity, your Tots will feel involved with every step of your day.  They become confident and feel structured in knowing your next step in the day.  The outcome is that Tots will be very excited with the Designed Activity section. 


Every recipe tested in our "kitchen" --- every single piece of the Curriculum has been tested on, verified with and approved by real Tots.

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