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Worksheets are a central part of our preschool learning activities.

Teaching Tots' personal education worksheets give each toddler and preschooler excellent practice with important physical and mental preschool learning skills such as hand-eye coordination, fine motor, thinking and memory.  Each month presents a new, refreshing and attractive style and colour scheme.  Also, each month's curriculum includes several activities that work hand in hand with the Fundamental of that month.


For example, in a Shapes month, the Teaching Tots Curriculum describes the Circle of Shapes game in detail.  It involves taping a different shape each day onto your carpet or floor with coloured tape, in front of the Tots.  Then have your Tots visit each shape as you name it.  On the day when all the shapes are in place, we describe another game which has Tots jumping from shape to shape according to the roll of a die.  You'll find a printable coloured pattern for the die in the Curriculum.

We know your Tots will learn their shapes from these activities - we've seen it happen time and again, with the repetition in naming, colouring, repeating and guessing the Fundamental Item of the Day.


In a Colours month, one of the daily activities on your monthly Activity Calendar is "Paint Melting", which asks you to give a spoonful of paint to each Tot in the centre of a blank page.  The Tot will tilt the page slightly, letting the colour "melt" towards the edges.  Save the page once the paint has dried;  next week, ask the Tots to name each colour as you point to their pages.

Children love completing these interactive worksheets following traceable outlines of letters, shapes, numbers, or colours.  Worksheets guide children to recognize and learn the four fundamentals which they’ll use in their everyday life.



Every recipe tested in our "kitchen" --- every single piece of the Curriculum has been tested on, verified with and approved by real Tots.

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