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Testimonial of Mr. Derek Browatzke

     The Teaching Tots curriculum is so magnificent.  I am happy to see my son do so well at doing the worksheets, how he can recognize his letters, numbers, shapes and colours.

    I love to see my son come home and tell me about his day and tell me what kind of colour, shape, letter or number he learned that day.  When he first started with the curriculum he did not know as much until now.  It's so great to see how much he has learned in a little bit of time.  When he started doing Tiny Tots on the Move he lost a bit of weight which was excellent for his health and he's so much more active and he's so open minded.  Tiny Tots on the Move is the greatest way to get kids motivated and active with their friends.  I'm very pleased to see that the award system has an effect on my son and his friends.

    It's great to see how he has changed throughout this curriculum, how much smarter he is, and how well balanced he is.  It's so incredible to see that there's many ways of having fun with your child and still make learning fun.

    I remember my son didn't like to learn he didn't even like the word "learn" but now he loves it, he has so much fun and he can't stop, he just wants to keep on going.  He knows so much now, and I am so grateful for everything this curriculum has done so THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Mr Derek Browatzke signature

- Mr. Derek Browatzke          October 2008



Every recipe tested in our "kitchen" --- every single piece of the Curriculum has been tested on, verified with and approved by real Tots.

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