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Letter Worksheets




Every Letters month is a great learning experience for Tots in the Teaching Tots program.  You'll see letters introduced in several different ways in your monthly issue.  Each worksheet shows a solid uppercase and lowercase letter along with dashed letter outlines for Tots to learn to trace.  Here they'll gain recognition, plus coordination - strengthening their fine motor skills.  Through this practice they eventually learn how to print on their own within the guidelines of each worksheet.

A letter worksheet: the letter H

Notice at the top, a bright picture of an animal, plant or object whose name begins with the worksheet's letter.  (On this worksheet there's a photo of the Teaching Tots homemade gingerbread House, decorated by the Tots.)  Describe it in a very funny way when the worksheets are introduced each morning, to bring laughter and a clear intense focus to your Tots.


Each day only one letter is introduced to the Tots, to let them gain a sense of accomplishment and skill.  Learning one letter a day is a key to preschool curriculum, which fosters independence in letter printing.

Once a worksheet is completed, I reward the Tot with a sticker on that worksheet.  Giving a sticker on a worksheet will support the Tot's confidence in printing letters of the alphabet.  Stickers are wonderful forms of encouragement that bring such pleasure to a little one`s eyes.  If your two year old has no interest in the worksheet with the day's Fundamental, he or she might walk away acting "not today"... then ask, "Well, do you want to earn a sticker?"  One second will go by - and the Tot is running for the table, wanting a worksheet, filled with enthusiasm to work willingly just for one sticker.


Every recipe tested in our "kitchen" --- every single piece of the Curriculum has been tested on, verified with and approved by real Tots.

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