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Testimonial of Miss Tracy King

   Having my daughter in the Teaching Tots program for over a year and a half has been quite an achievement.  I’ve seen great results in how Amber, at the age of 3, is writing her letters in the worksheets and is able to recognize her numbers and count to twenty all on her own.  It’s great how Teaching Tots focuses on one fundamental a month, and I like knowing that it offers plenty of different approaches to that fundamental in a one-day period.  (Teaching Tots only focuses on one letter or one shape each day.)

   I’m also impressed by how much her vocabulary and knowledge have increased from the monthly topics that you cover.

   What I like most of all is the foundation of all the essentials my daughter now has to grow with.

- Miss Tracy King          October 2008



Every recipe tested in our "kitchen" --- every single piece of the Curriculum has been tested on, verified with and approved by real Tots.

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