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Testimonial of Mrs. R. Lewis

   Both of my children currently ages 4½ and 2½ have been involved with the Teaching Tots program for about 1½ years.  My husband and I are very impressed with what this program has done for our young children in terms of learning abilities.

   The children really enjoy this style of learning and are motivated to participate in all of the activities because they are fun and age-appropriate.  The Award System sticker album also helps them to develop their listening skills and work alongside other children.  Every month has a different theme, however many of the basic concepts are repeated in each monthly theme and presented in a different manner recognizing that all children learn differently.

   My son has recently enrolled in Jr. Kindergarten and the feedback I have received from his teacher is that he is displaying a much higher degree of comprehension and math skills than his classmates and I have to thank Teaching Tots and its creator for that!

   I am very impressed with the fact that my children (particularly my eldest) are made very aware of their germs.  My son always makes a point of coughing or sneezing into his elbow and when passerby's notice this they always look at my young son in disbelief!!  My daughter who is only 2½ is always repeating "the rules" - No hitting, No screaming, No grabbing and No pushing, whenever she witnesses a transgression of said rules!!

   I really like the idea of the calendar and the Whiteboard being posted by the front door so that I can see what my children will be learning that day and we can talk about it in the evening.

   The Teaching Tots program has definitely made my role as a parent a lot easier!!


- Mrs. R. Lewis          October 2008



Every recipe tested in our "kitchen" --- every single piece of the Curriculum has been tested on, verified with and approved by real Tots.

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