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Exploring the Great Outdoors
From the Teaching Tots Playgrounds

From the Teaching Tots Playgrounds

At teaching tots every day, during the summer were out all morning long until lunchtime and even at lunchtime we are having a picnic whether we're in the front yard or the backyard!  
We can't forget about all the fun we have with our trucks and cranes and bulldozers.  Plus teeter totters, swings, slides along with wagons, strolling babies and strollers.
Exploring the Great outdoors!
Enjoying my friends!
When we get into winter of course Patricia‚Äôs out there building a new ice rink for the winter season.  When winter is approaching us I teach the children inside to learn how to play hockey, and after the ice rink is ready we are so excited well racing out to the rink to play hockey.  
Playing under the shady tree!  
Of course in the winter months the children really enjoy sitting in their vehicles with no movement. 
Sometimes we bring out the jumping castle and we always make a morning of it, then there are times I put in 100 balls and they just have so much fun!
Creative play becomes venturous when you're outdoors.  It's so adorable watching the children come up with such creative play like they're working in the store and they're serving the customers.  Or when they're playing in the sandbox making mud cakes and they try to serve it to you!  Yum!!
When we go outside there are times that we roll out the paper and I’ll bring the paint, crayons, along with plastic bags to make smocks to go over the children’s clothing to prevent their clothes from getting paint on them.  Patricia then puts the paper up all across the fence and gives everyone their own paint brush and paint and then we go to town on doing such great art work.
In the winter we enjoy going out but we only go out for half hour to 45 minutes. We have to make sure the children are well dressed with hats, mitts, snow pants, good boots and a warm coat.  When they're so young at one or two or three years old they just sort of touch and feel the snow then look around but when they become three they actually start playing in it too enjoying themselves.  Sometimes there are those from one and up that become brave!
There's a little house that we all play ice cream parlour or we go over to the sandbox to build castles in the sand and then we have a table filled with animals that the kids make a new adventure every time!  
Then the season of fall begins, boy do we have a lot of fun in the fall! I'll kinds of fun with the leaves! Playing with all the leaves we begin building big hills, we jump in the leaves, will throw them up anywhere like its raining leaves. We run through the leaves just kicking them and the kids just love it!
Playing in the backyard is so much fun for the tots; there is the trampoline to jump on to exercise those little legs of theirs. Then we have the splash table where the kids become very creative in their thinking and what they do.  Exploring the backyard, here are the boys that Discover bugs that are pretty intrigued by finding them, of course it becomes a hot topic that lasts about 20 minutes. Part of the fun in the backyard is put the pool underneath the gazebo so they're fully shaded and safe from the sun. 
Our backyard is very large with lots of running room! The amount of space is like a soccer field. Playing on the trampoline to jump or a four tier swing set with plenty of toys, slides and step two tables.  Every day during the spring, summer and fall we read our books in the trampoline as we all sit around like at circle time. Seems to me they become less distracted with their surroundings and have a greater understanding of what was just read to them.  Then we have those hot days where we just need the pool to relax that becomes refreshing.
In the backyard we dance we sing we even grab a partner and go round and round as were singing ring around the Rosie or ABCs or counting with our 123's.  Activity centers where we make our obstacle courses and we run them in great stride, the kids just love that kind of fun!  Nothing beats playing with the tub of water filled with soapy suds to make large bubbles and of course all the fun tools that go inside to make water real fun! 
Running climbing jumping having fun with all these play centers makes a child's motor skills develop all in a great way.  Having lunch in the backyard is thrilling to the children; it's a great way to change a child's pace in their day.  Riding the bikes and cars and having good conversations with your friends becomes a extremely sociable time.
Following the leader does a great job to build unity amongst children and their relationships.  One of our fun games to play in the backyard is soccer whether it's by the goalie nets or the trampoline where it becomes pretty bouncy.  Taking all the crayons and coloring books and sitting under the gazebo are a fun way for the children to get fresh air while coloring.  Having the water table filled with soapy suds and scrub brushes we can all get the outside future cleaned up!  All the toddlers love being able to have a seat at the swing set together, especially when I'm pushing them all. 

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