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Tots At Work
Tots Always At Work

Tots Always At Work

 Watching the Tots at work is pretty fascinating, you give the children instructions and they fall through with the instructions which brings a greater outcome of their learning experience.  I put the children in groups of 2 and gave them 24 letters and asked for them to put it into order.  They accomplish their task! The great outcome is that their all team players and they work well together with having compromised along with cooperating with each other. 

With the circle of squares we had played a game that they were to match the colors, so I gave them foam sticks.  They took the foam sticks and went from one square to another square to join them for colour recognition.  In the next photo I made a track for them to ride their cars but on this particular day I asked them to put all the blocks that we had through the entire track.  They accomplished their task! They listen to instructions really well and follow through with what they had to do at the same time as being excited by what their outcome was

The next photo you see the children jumping from shape to shape.  We have 15 different shapes and daily we put a new shape onto the carpet with tape.  Once they learned all the shapes throughout the 15 days then there's a game we begin to play.  The children then jump on each shape and at the same time tell the shape that they jumped on.  When they say hexagon and parallelogram, oval and then cresset, it’s truly so amazing to see how they retain all this comprehension.  This game to also helps their gross motor skills.  The children on the last picture  you see all jumping  on the animal shapes what they had to do was jump on each animal as they jump on each animal they had to say the animals name.

Toddlers and preschooler’s just love playing with blocks and through my experience with blocks their hours of fun.  There are times when I asked the kids to choose a color and that's the color that they have to build with.  Then there are other times that I asked them to build a tower and then I would like them to count how high the tower from each level the block that they put is.  Sometimes they build the tower that reaches the height of themselves.  
Puzzle fun the children can't get enough of them especially when they've learned the letters, numbers and shapes and then they become so self satisfied with their accomplishments of being able to achieve a puzzle.  What I do here is I have six puzzles one with numbers one with letters one with numbers and shapes another was just letters and then one just for shapes another with the left and right hand counting with numbers. They each work on one puzzle at a time and once they finish we move it to the next person then that way we go around the table with all six boards.  As you can see with their smiles on their faces what large accomplishments they have conquered!
Then we have board puzzles, the nice thing about these puzzles that there all nursery rhymes and pictures of the characters from the rhymes.  There are only four piece puzzles but it helps them understand how a puzzle works for beginners.  In the teaching tots program when working with numbers we do our own puzzles and what we do is we draw our number then we color the number and after we've coloured our number we then cut it into four and then it's up to them to put it back together. Then that becomes their own personal puzzle to take home for more practice.

It's quite unique when they're working with right and left hands, later I asked the question which is your right hand and which is your left hand and the children are able to indicate which is left and which is right.  

There are board games we play as well in this particular game were playing dominoes.  Now that they're all preschools and able to count to 20 and able to put their learning experience in a challenging way brings on the advancement of moving forward.
For years at teaching Tots we been working on chalkboards.  Working with the dexterity of your fine motor skills is essential to drawing and writing.  Having the chalkboards has helped strengthening their hand coordination.  When they're one years old they're scribbling all over the boards, when their two years old they're working with the different colors and sometimes when there one going on two they know how to draw the perfect sun. Then there are times we are working with their numbers and I asked them to trace over the numbers. Then there also times when I put pictures up on the chalkboards and then they color them all in.  Sometimes I prefer to teach on the blackboards.  In one of my lessons I teach shapes but during the lesson on teaching shapes I count how many points there are to bring understanding to each shape for the children. 

Every recipe tested in our "kitchen" --- every single piece of the Curriculum has been tested on, verified with and approved by real Tots.

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