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Learning with the Curriculum
When you have 1 year old the expectation is only to scribble on the worksheet, although through repetition you find them learning how to count verbally that’s when you see some sort of recognition. When they're going on two years old they begin to recognize the number and start to color each item on the number worksheet.  If you look closely at all the number worksheets that they did from 1 to 20 see how well they did in the coloring and they're drawing of their numbers.  When you're looking down at the bottom right-hand corner of the picture of the little girl you see how she's pointing her finger and counting one by one!  
When working on letters I am introducing the letter to them of the day we color in the letter uppercase and lowercase, then we proceed with writing out the letter on the outline of dots that resembled the letter.  When the children finish their work they are so proud by what they have just done and of course they earn stickers in their Motivational Award Sticker Album for a job well done! 
The children and I went through magazines and we cut out a bunch of vehicles for our topic of the month Time to Travel.  We sat the children in front of the race track that we built and called each one of them to paste their vehicle upon the roadway. 
They enjoyed this activity! 

Then there fun activities like word whopper and putting in your letters to learn what the letter sounds like.  One of our activities were counting by ones twos and tens.  I would draw the numbers 1 to 10, 2 to 20 and 10 to 100 on the chalkboard and then teach the children how to sing by ones, twos and tens, awesome activity!
One day were looking at two big bags of the VHS tapes and I thought well let's do a new activity.  The children had set them up in many different ways, then I thought well let's line them up and then have a domino effect.  I asked the children to touch the very last VHS tape and then they watch the domino effect all away around the entire room one at a time down down, down, down, down.  
Plasticine and stringing noodles to make bracelets and necklaces were one of our activities for the month.  The children become very creative in what they're making as you can see there are a sailboat and space station and many other creations.
The tots and I had planned a pyjama party and I told them all to where their pyjamas for the next day!  Our day then began, I told them to bring out their personal blankets and their books with their favourite bear.  We set ourselves all up and we began.  As the children were all lying in the beds I read them all their Books and then gave back the story books for them to read to their bears.
The topic of the month was Discovering me. This particular activity was all about discovering the size of their body.  After drawing the bodies on paper I taped it up and then the kids proceeded to color in their bodies. The children were rather inquisitive about their bodies of art.

Every recipe tested in our "kitchen" --- every single piece of the Curriculum has been tested on, verified with and approved by real Tots.

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