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Memorable Years
Year after year many different children and families come and go with so many awesome memories left behind.  Here we have the children all eating apples for their morning snack. Dressing up for that special occasion for Halloween. The children I decided take on a big project called the Kight and Queens of the vally.  We made our king shields of armour and then we marched in a parade.  The picture with the children on the couch we just finish are morning fun and now are just resting until our lunch comes.  Then there are great times when I raked all the leaves in one big hill around the tree and the kids were just burying themselves in it. 

Children always enjoyed having their snack outside.  When it comes to eating or learning I always sit them in their chairs that way they can focus on what they're doing at that moment.  Although sitting in groups like they do taking pictures was just so enjoyable for me.  Even more enjoyable when I showed the children the pictures of themselves altogether, boy do they love it!

The enjoyment that was brought to these children has brought me great pleasure and gratification. It's so enjoyable to see their bright smiles with the rosy cheeks and the great energy that they show throughout the day!  
Group pictures as well show the unity between each other and they had gain a relationship with one another! 
Backyard picnics and Field trips are our favourites.  Especially when we went to McDonald's for lunch.  The nature walks were amazing or we just went to the field to play soccer at a big park.

This particular group are all my preschoolers and boy were they amazing!  The dynamics between them all where great! They helped one another, they took care of one another, they shared with one another, and they played with one another in a caring way. There was great listening, great teamwork, and corporation, they used great manners and their daily involvements were great. If there was an award for unity this group would of made the award! 

Every recipe tested in our "kitchen" --- every single piece of the Curriculum has been tested on, verified with and approved by real Tots.

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