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How Teaching Tots began

~ Patricia photo     Patricia

Patricia has been a mother since 1984 and a grandmother since 2005.  Ever since 2001, she's had a dream of introducing her structured activity program to the world.

She says, "After all my years of raising children, I've come to a point in my life where I see that children in this day and age need more attention.  There are fewer stay-at-home moms than there were 20 years ago.  Children need a chance to learn the basics: all their fundamentals of colours, shapes, abc's and numbers;  exercising;  and developing skills in movement, thinking, talking, and socializing.  If parents don't have time or knowledge to provide the basics, the kids will be pushed through the school system without ever grasping the essentials;  my job, I feel, is I have to help.  All these basics are included in my Teaching Tots program, making for a fun structured day.

"You just guide the Tots through the essentials, and they will have a wonderful future in their foundation to life.  With the Teaching Tots plan of action, you'll have a structured and well-organized way for Tots to learn."



As a young mom, Patricia raised a child with oppositional defiant disorder as well as ADHD.  For 6 years during that time Patricia dealt with numerous doctors, therapists and psychiatrists while volunteering in her daughter’s school to allow her to remain in the educational system.  While going through this challenging time in her life, she also raised 2 other children on her own.  Now Patricia has been raising her granddaughter Rylee since she was 17 days old.

Patricia has studied business at Centennial College, and is a graduate of the Toronto School of Business, majoring in Network Administration.  She went on to become a Network Administrator with Celestica and was given several awards to commend her great contributions to the company throughout her 2 years of employment.

After studying and striving as an Administrator for several years, Patricia had a calling that would soon change the path in her life and steer her in the direction of becoming a childcare provider.  A tragedy in her life involving her 3 year old nephew caused her to want to work with children and never have another child go without quality care that every infant and toddler deserves.  This gave Patricia the encouragement that she needed to seek out resources to start her own childcare facility and live out her long awaited dream.

While seeking out the tools that she needed to make her dream come true, Patricia crossed paths with an Institute for Early Child Development called Mothercraft.  She researched Mothercraft and made the decision that she wanted to enrol and make the change in her life that would bring her closer to fulfilling her dream.  Patricia received her certificate from Mothercraft, for Early Development, in 2003.  She then began her journey to launch her home based child care program.

At this point, Patricia began to design and market flyers that would attract parents who were seeking quality and economical in-home childcare for their children.  After only a few weeks of advertising, Patricia had successfully launched her facility and had 5 children enrolled in her program.  The parents of the children provided positive feedback and compliments to Patricia on the success of her daycare and how well adjusted their children were becoming.  Several parents even wrote letters of praise;  they could not thank her enough for the excellent care and structured learning environment that she provided for their children.  After being reassured that her program was preparing the children for their school years to come, Patricia had an unexpected visit from investigators for the Day Nursery Act.  They came to investigate a complaint that she had too many children in her care.


When the Day Nursery Act became involved, 2 workers visited Patricia’s home and began a thorough investigation into her program.  At first sight, the representatives from the agency were happily surprised to see how structured and organized the home daycare was.  They took note of the cleverly planned Whiteboard and saw the different interactive activities placed around her home.  But most of all they saw the interaction that Patricia had with the children and the fundamentals that the children were being taught that would well prepare them for their school years to come.  At that point, the Day Nursery Act found no reason or evidence to support the complaint and instead they praised Patricia for the spectacular job that she had done in preparing such a curriculum-based program that would prepare the children with skills that they would need in the future.

At that point Patricia knew that all the hard work and observation had paid off.  Not only was she being commended by the parents of the children in her program, but now she also had a childcare agency standing behind her accomplishments, praising the facility and program that she had established.  Patricia’s granddaughter had been her biggest inspiration throughout the whole launch, development and process of her program.  She spent countless days and nights watching the way the child interacted with activities and absorbed information that was given to her.

From simple fundamentals such as numbers, letters and shapes, through watching how the children would interact with the planned program for the day, to seeing the children flourish after several months in her program: Patricia finally realized that this would give the children everything they needed to be prepared for their school years to come.

The final step in Patricia’s journey was now to pass all the information, know-how and years of development on to other parents wanting to pursue their own dream of home child care.  This would be her biggest challenge yet.  Patricia enlisted the help of a close friend and invited her to come and run the child care program while Patricia observed and watched the growth of the children that were being taught.  It was a great success and at that point Teaching Tots was born.  Patricia knew that she had developed something special -- something that would enable the average mom to teach not only her own children, but other children as well, the fundamentals and learning skills that they would need for life.  She also realized how beneficial the program would be to childcare professionals who are looking to expand their current program and add a more personal touch to the curriculum they teach.  All in all the Teaching Tots program gives everyone a way to either begin or enhance the quality of child care that they provide.


Every recipe tested in our "kitchen" --- every single piece of the Curriculum has been tested on, verified with and approved by real Tots.

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