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Shape Worksheets




A worksheet for the Ring shape 


Worksheets are unique in their style of layout.  With 15 well-designed shapes that fascinate Tots the moment they see the worksheet handed to them, they show eager anticipation and are determined to get started.  Each Shape worksheet has its shape printed with a solid outline, showing the Tot the complete shape without any distortion.  Beside that, you'll see the shape again, printed with at least three unique dashed or dotted outlines, for your Tots to practice drawing.  During worksheet time, you'll notice their determination to learn;  they'll show you how well they did; and of course with substantial praise from you, they become overwhelmed with the confidence of knowing "I Can Do It."


This young artist at right is two years and one month old.

I find it’s especially important for a Tot to learn only one shape a day, so they won't be over-stimulated with too many shapes in one day.  That is why I work with the focus of one shape a day for a one month interlude.  (You'll see the same one-per-day method used with Letters, Colours and Numbers.)  I have proven over and over again, while working with children for many years, that this method works best.



Every recipe tested in our "kitchen" --- every single piece of the Curriculum has been tested on, verified with and approved by real Tots.

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