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Stephanie's response to the Curriculum

    The Whiteboard

The Whiteboard is a big “start up” for the children, when we sit and talk about what there is to do for the day, the children’s reaction to it is magnificent.

The structure from the Whiteboard that we have made for the children is excellent, the children are always busy and not running wild around the house.  The Whiteboard helps us each day to help the child learning but still have fun doing it.

    Award System

I believe the Award System is very beneficial towards the children because it brings out the goodness and the good behaviour of a good child.  From what I see the children become thrilled with enjoyment when they’ve earned a sticker for their sticker book.  (My Monthly Motivational Award SystemTM)

When we use the Award System it works great when we are doing our Fundamental of the Month.  Once the children and I start working with our numbers, colours, ABC’s or shapes the Daily Involvement categories are a must when it comes to it, the children must listen to what the adult is talking about, they must participate to the work they have to do, we all must have team work of helping one another, and everybody must have co-operation for what they are doing.

    Tiny Tots On The Move

Tiny Tots on the Move is a incredible daily exercise routine for the children and adults to have fun and still work out wondrously.  Each day has new exercises.  If you have any child that has a little bit more extra weight that should not be there, this is a great way to get your child to lose the extra weight, e.g.  my son was a little overweight for his age and once we started doing Tiny Tots on the Move he lost about 7 pounds and he looks great and he looks so much happier now.

The children benefit so much from these exercises, and still have so much fun with their friends moving their bodies while gaining more strength and activeness, and gives them lots of balance in their life style.

    The Fundamentals

The Fundamentals are the learning areas for the children to learn their numbers, colours, Alphabets and shapes.  All of the Fundamentals are shown 3 times a year, and each Fundamental is talked about for a whole month for the child to understand and learn what the adult is talking about.  The children benefit by learning what they need to know and they are so much happier when they know they accomplished a worksheet that they were given, they see the expression from our faces, it makes them feel so happy and makes the child want to make us happier and make themselves feel so much happier.

    Alphabets Fundamental

The alphabet tree is easy to prepare for the children to learn the alphabet in a much more fun way of learning.  The tree is a great way of doing it because the children would look up and want to find out where the next apple letter would go on the tree, let the child choose where the new letter should go.  (If you have more than one child let the children take turns each day until all the letters are placed on the branches.)

    Numbers Fundamental

The Airport is also a great way of learning numbers.  The airport would take a little longer to prepare than the alphabet tree, but once it’s finished it’s amazing, the children will sit and pay attention to what you have to say about the airport and the planes.  When you talk about a number like say #5 the children will look up and watch every move you make and some would actually want to do it themselves.  Once you explain the airport and why the planes have to fly in to the airport exactly the way the wind is blowing and park the #5 plane into the #5 airport parking spot.  The children will be very excited to see what you are doing and once you are done you count how many planes are parked into the airport.

    Colours Fundamental

“Clouds of Colour Kingdom” is a magnificent way to teach your child or children to learn their colours.  Children love to see a kingdom full of wondrous colours above it.  The kingdom is so much fun to make and doesn’t take long at all, and the clouds aren’t long either.  The colours of the clouds are repeated twice in one month, when you teach the children with the colour kingdom the children love it, it thrills them to see a colour cloud joining the kingdom in its loneliness, give the children a little story using the kingdom and the clouds.

    Shapes Fundamental

The Circle of Shapes is a great way to teach the children their shapes, when you’ve developed the Circle of Shapes on your carpet or hardwood floor (which won’t take a long period of time), the children’s excitement to see shapes on the floor is so much fun.  When you teach the Circle of Shapes you ask the child to jump from one shape to the other saying what shape they jump to.  The children would love to learn it even if you’re not teaching them at that certain time.

Throughout all these fundamentals the children will have so much fun and even when you’re not teaching them they will still want to do the fundamentals just to have fun.

E.g. Patricia’s granddaughter Rylee (aged 3) enjoys every fundamental, when she had her free time she always went to the tree and said each letter, when we have the airport she’d count each airplane, when we have the colour kingdom she’d say every colour and when we have the Circle of Shapes, she’d jump each shape and say every one that there was.

    The Activities

Each activity that is provided for the children is no more than 15 minutes long, especially for the children since they have short attention spans, this is a great way to have your child develop their skills like their fine motor, gross motor, cognitive, social, and emotional skills.

The activities are so much fun and exciting.  Each activity that we have provided is beneficial to each child.  When the children do the activity it shows them how to participate, share, have teamwork, and the co-operation that they have for it and how they listen and how to be polite to the activity that they’re doing.

    The Circle of Squares

The Circle of Squares is a great way for the children to learn how to win and learning how to count dots without going overboard.  The children benefit and enjoy playing this game very much.  When the child get a feel to what they have to do they get even more excited and want to keep on playing it even when the game is over.

The Circle of Squares takes about an hour to make on your hardwood floor or on your carpet.  If you do it on your carpet be careful the tape may come off a little bit and you may have to fix it.  You can make your Circle of Squares very colourful for the children like 3 or 4 different colours if you prefer, also you can choose 2 colours if you want.

Even when you and the children aren’t playing but the kids have free time, most of the time the child will just jump from square to square and say the colours you’ve chosen, or count how many squares there are on the floor.

    How I Feel?????

I believe that what I have accomplished and seen at Patricia’s is magnificent and amazingly incredible, every time we get to a new Fundamental the children get so amazed by it.  The faces that they show are so grand to see.  When I first got introduced to Patricia’s program that she was showing to Rylee’s friends I wanted to see how it would benefit to the children.  So Patricia and I decided for me to teach the program to Rylee’s friends.  I remember one of Rylee’s friends didn’t know any of his shapes, colours, numbers or his ABC’s, right after 4 months of teaching the fundamentals and having fun with it, he ended up knowing all of his ABC’s, shapes, colours and numbers all by heart.  And that’s happened in the minimum of 4 months.  Imagine what this program can do for your children, especially if you have a child that doesn’t like to sit and pay attention, this is a great way of getting your child into a good behaviour if not even better.  My son is like that he don’t want to learn all he wants to do is play but once we started the fundamental work he’s doing so much better now, he’s paying attention always wanting to learn more and loves doing it with his friends.

The activity fun time is the best, the children love it, sometimes they even want to play another one or they still want to keep on playing the activity even though the activity is about 10 to 15 minutes long.  The activities that are provided are amazing and irresistibly funny.  Some of the activities are songs that you can do with your children, they are easy to sing and the rhythms of the songs are the same as original songs that we know today.

The amazement of this program is so speechless, that I don’t even know what to say, if I was a single mother or whomever at home with my child or children I would love to buy the program because this is a great way to get closer to the children and have so much fun learning and playing great activities while my child is growing up, and at the same time their minds and speech are changing to become so much smarter and more behaved toward the way you want them to be.  To see what these fundamentals do to the children is incredible, how they want to learn and to see what the facial expressions show when they finished doing a worksheet that was provided to them, to see how much they have learned, when they want to say and show you all the numbers that they learned or how they jump and say all the shapes that are on the floor, or say all the letters that are on the tree and say every colour that you have for the clouds.  Once you have seen this for yourself you will feel so much joy and so much more, when you see your children develop skills and characteristics as the years go by, by using this program.

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- Stephanie Leal          September 2008


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